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    R'House crossfit & Athletics Community

    Here at R’House CrossFit & Athletics our mission is to transform lives daily through fitness, camaraderie, family, fun and support. Our goal is to ensure our members and visitors have the ‘Best Hour of their day’ when they walk through our doors. We strive to provide our members with a high-quality, fun training environment, excellent coaching, and the necessary attention to detail each time they train.

    Being fit is about more than just working out; it’s about education of movement, fitness and nutrition. R’House CrossFit & Athletics offers a comprehensive program that is scaled to help individuals of all abilities meet and exceed their unique fitness goals. To provide excellent coaching, we are constantly learning, practicing, and implementing new ideas to bring you the best experience and programming available.

    Atlanta Gym Community At R'House CrossFit

    What do people say about us?

    • This gym provides an exceptional environment for both seasoned athletes and beginners. Thanks to its large area and excellent array of equipment, R’House CrossFit can accommodate a wide variety of training demands. The passion of head coach Lemar is unmistakable and underpins the core ethos of the gym. Perhaps most notably, the sense of community is palpable, inspiring both collective and individual motivation. Whether you’re a novice or experienced athlete, R’House offers an outstanding experience.

    • “Joining R’ house has been the best decision I’ve made to improve my health and lifestyle. The community LeMar has fostered allows for friendships, leadership, and friendly competition. I love showing up for myself and the people around me. I started as a novice having little experience lifting weights. LeMar takes the time to coach beginners on form so we can continuously progress. I absolutely love R’house and recommend it for anyone considering joining a gym.”

      Kayla Johnson
    • “R’house CrossFit has been life-changing. I’ve lost 50 pounds and regained strength I hadn’t felt since my Navy days 20 years ago. The community is incredibly supportive and inclusive, making every workout feel like a victory. Thanks to expert coaching and a welcoming atmosphere, I’ve even competed in two CrossFit events. For anyone seeking transformative fitness and a supportive community, R’house CrossFit is the ultimate destination.”

      Dean Richards
    • “R’House has become the safest place to learn how to lift heavy weights. I have always been intimidated by crossfit but this gym has the most encouraging atmosphere. Everyone is there to cheer you on, help you reach new PR’s, and give you advice. Coach LeMar sets us all up for success, and will meet each athlete where they are and give them the tools to get better.”

      Christina Johnson
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